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6:20 AM

9.4 mi


8:41 mi


108.2 lb
153 bpm
175 bpm


39 F
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Temp 39, DP 15, wind of 12 MPH from SSW.

Met Lauren for 6 Iwo Jima hill repeats - up to one way sign, and then used the tree for the stopping point on the stride.

These felt stiff and off, but just what I needed. Lauren said I was flat footing with the right foot too much, so I corrected.

Wore ankle braces - GCT balance at 48.6/51.4

Breathing was tight during warm-up, so used inhaler before workout. Breo, Qvar, and one puff of albuterol

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and vanilla GUs - sat well.

Wore shorts and longsleeve for workout. That was the right choice. I did need to remove my buff and wrap around my wrist though.

Finished my cooldown in the Adios 5, so that will be a separate entry.