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7:34 AM

17 mi


8:20 mi


107.6 lb
156 bpm
171 bpm


52 F
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Temp 52, DP 51. Wind from south at 14 mph. Rain.

Did 2x5 miles - splits were 37:38 (7:32 pace) and 38:39 (7:44 pace). First 5 felt good; GI issues during the second 5 and then I couldn't get my legs moving after. I still feel positive about this one. My gait felt so good during the first 5.

L/R balance at 48.7/51.3.

1 tab Sinemet at 5:15. Seems like it started wearing off around 9:30 ish.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar - breathing very good.

Breakfast was rice, maurten gel, berry GU, and chocolate clif gel. That sat well, but an espresso GU during the mile float did not, and I had to take a bathroom break after.

Wore rain coat, waterproof gloves, hat, and shorts. Well dressed, but hard to take GU with this gloves.