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7:38 AM

14.6 mi


8:52 mi


109.2 lb
152 bpm
172 bpm


37 F
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Starting temp 37, DP 34; ending temp 49, DP 35. Wind from NE at 6 MPH.

Parked at Peirce Mill and ran back and forth between Broad Branch and Joyce and then up to East-West Highway and back. Took the trail back on the MD side, instead of staying on Beach drive.

Felt good at first, but then right hip (pectineus?) got very achy - felt better when I was running, but my gait was definitely off. Left foot hit my right ankle a lot.

Breakfast was decaffeinated gels and rice/hemp powder, plus some brownies.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50

First 5 miles averaged 9:55, next 5 miles averaged 8:48, next 4.5 averaging 7:42