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8:05 AM

16 mi


7:42 mi


106 lb
151 bpm
173 bpm


56 F
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Starting temp 56, DP 54; ending temp 60, DP 53.

Did 16 miles progressive, doing the Mall loop to the Hains Point loop. Ran with Chris C. and Damien, plus Jenn, Layth, Britton, and others for first part.

Split as first 5 at 9:00 pace; next 5 at 7:34 pace; last 6 at 6:43.

I think the splits for miles 13 and 14 are off - my Garmin has been off those two miles anyway, due to the turns and the segment under the Whitehurst. So the last 6 might average to slightly faster than 6:43.

Legs still a bit tired.

Breathing good - much better than last week. Advair 250/50 and Qvar.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, maurten gel, Smores and Salted watermelon GUs, and some corn tortillas. Sat well.

Carried water bottle; took slightly less than half of a Maurten 100 gel at mile 9.5 to test it out.