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8:07 AM

14.8 mi


7:42 mi


108.8 lb
151 bpm
172 bpm


38 F
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Starting temp 38, DP 36; ending temp 42, DP 34. Wind from north at around 7 MPH according to Garmin Connect.

Did a Hains Point loop working with Susanna K. Split as first 4 averaging 9:00; next 4 averaging 7:37; last 6 averaging 6:47. Then a cooldown of about a mile.

Felt good, MP segment felt very controlled. A bit of lost signal under the Whitehurst gave some uneven splits.

Breakfast was hemp powder, rice, chocolate stroopwafel and tri-berry and toasted marshmallow GUs - sat well.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and one puff Qvar - breathing very good.

No need for gels or water during run. Two bathroom stops early on; did have to pause briefly during MP segment when Susanna dropped something.