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7:07 AM

15.9 mi


8:07 mi


114 lb
151 bpm
175 bpm


73 F
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Starting temp 73, DP 64; end at temp 75, DP 62. Seemed more humid at start and hotter at end, though.

Ran out on towpath from Fletchers with big group, including Matt, Greg, Jamey, Nora, Anna, Steve, Tammy, and many others. Went to Pierce Mill and then turned back with Matt and Jamey. We picked it up to MP at the Georgetown turn, where I hung back a little, since I was doing 5 more and they were doing 3 more. Trailed them up the Capital Crescent to Fletchers, and then hopped on towpath and did another mile out and back.

Split the run as first 3 at 9:26; next 4 at 8:42; next 4 at 7:56; last 5 at 7:02. A bit fast, since I was shooting for 7:10-7:15.

Took one gel just after Pierce Mill.

One puff Foradil in morning. Didn't struggle as much with breathing on Cap Crescent as I normally do. Very hot on towpath.