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8:07 AM

14.4 mi


7:55 mi


113 lb
152 bpm
168 bpm


32 F
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Start at temp 31, DP 17, end at temp 38, DP 17. Pollen 9.2. Out on towpath to Peirce Mill, then back via waterfront and Cap Crescent (going to MM 8 and back). Ran with Elyse, Nora, and Caroline for most of it (plus Mike Miller for first 4). We all split up after Calvert St, though.

Split the run as first 2.5 at 8:56, next 4.5 at 8:25, next 2 at 7:56; last 5.5 at 7:03.

Run was an ongong wardrobe malfunction. Shoes were too loose, the HRM strap slipped, and my water bottle strap was screwed up. Some days that's just how it goes. HRM all screwed up because of the slipping strap.

I noted the pollen today, but it's not as bad as it has been. Part of this might have also been that I shifted diet (cut out eggs) to try to control it.