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8:06 AM

14.1 mi


8:05 mi


114 lb
151 bpm
167 bpm


50 F
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Starting temp 50, DP 37, ending temp 52, DP 29. Pollen of 9.1. Windy. No asthma issues, though - breathing very good.

Race 8:40 for first 7 miles, 8:13 for next 2, last 5 at 7:13 pace. Ran out to Peirce Mill with Nora, Kate N, Jamie Lynch (first 6), and Skylar, then back to Fletchers with Skylar. We overshot Fletchers to get to 14 on her Garmin.

One puff Dulera - breathing great. Stomach very iffy, and had to take a break at the zoo after taking half a lemon GU - I think it's the probiotics I'm on. Hopefully stomach will settle in a few days.

Tried uCan mixed with coconut water in the morning.