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5:55 AM

10.8 mi


8:46 mi


113 lb
151 bpm
182 bpm


55 F
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Temp 55, DP 43, brisk wind (14 MPH) from north. The workout was a controlled 5K tempo followed by shorter stuff. For the 5K, I worked with Kate and trailed Chris C. and Layth. Ran 20:37, splitting 6:43/6:36/6:31/0:46. I then did an 800 with Chris and Layth in 2:49 (1:26/1:23) - we were told to negative split it, so when we went out a bit fast I had to haul ass for the second quarter. Followed up with two untimed 200s with the wind to my back.

Stomach good - breathing OK but I think I need to go back on the Advair 250. This morning I did Advair 100+two puffs Qvar plus 2 puffs of the rescue since my chest was still tight.

Breakfast sat well - hemp powder, brown rice, lemon GU and berry stroopwafel.