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5:50 AM

12.3 mi


7:55 mi


112 lb
157 bpm
176 bpm


69 F
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Temp 70, DP 68, with pollen of 10.1 (ragweed) and code orange AQ. Bright sunshine.

Did the 25x400. Breathing much improved, though I still felt a bit tired. I'm not sure whether it's the marathon training or the Clarinex. Could be both.

Averaged 6:32 pace for the on parts and 8:23 for the off parts, so averaged 1:38 for the on and 31 seconds for the off. A bit slower than I did this workout last fall, but that's probably the difference between 48 degrees and 70. And 40:33 is probably a fair assessment of how fast I'd run a 10K in this conditions, with all the marathon training on my legs.

And felt like I hit the right effort level (except for going too slow on first 400 and too fast on first 100). George was pretty happy with it, so yay.

Wildberry GU stroopwafel and maple Bacon GU before hand. Didn't sit too well - stomach didn't feel great. So that may not be the best pre-race breakfast.

Still on Advair 250, QVAR 80, and Clarinex. Hydration issue seemed better, but I may try moving the Clarinex to night, so see if that changes the fatigue any.