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7:00 AM

20.8 mi


7:46 mi


113 lb
155 bpm


62 F
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Start at temp 62, DP 59, end at temp 72, DP 61. Did progressive 21 miler - ran out to Pierce Mill, then down to the tennis center, followed by once around the Tidal Basin and back to Fletchers. Ran with Kelsey, Jessica Chin, Jamie and Jamey on the way out; Greg kept me company back to Thompsons, and then I soloed from there.

First 7 in 8:43; next 6 in 7:33; last 8 at 7:06. Overall pace of 7:46. Felt pretty tired and run down, so had to gut this one out. I was targeting 7:00 flat, but that felt just a little fast - 7:05-ish was marathon feel, so I went with that.

I'm not happy about the long break at the tennis center, but I was having some digestive problems and needed to deal with that (I also needed to redo my shoe with the toe spreader); I'd have preferred not to do the water stop at 34th and M, but I was getting pretty thirsty, with a dry water bottle. Sun was baking me a bit for MP part

HRM was fuzzing, since I had my inhaler and car keys there.

Two puffs of Dulera in the morning; used Albuterol at Tennis center.