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5:50 AM

11 mi


8:18 mi


112 lb
153 bpm


62 F
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Temp 62, DP 56 - nice weather, though allergies high (very phlegmy). Did a 5 mile tempo (in truth, I was feeling a bit sluggish, and felt stuck at about 6:45 pace, so figured I might as well stretch it out to 5. Most other people stopped at 5K or 4, so ended up just being Evan and myself. I'm really glad I did 5, though - I get a lot more out of the longer slower tempos than the faster shorter ones. And the mental aspects of going this far were challenging - it was good to get that battle over with.

Ran 33:39, split as 6:43/6:45/6:44/6:45/6:42

A bit sad that it was so slow, but then George reminded me that it was right where it should be for a 3:10 marathon training, and told me it shouldn't have been any faster. And looks like my HR was right where it should be for a tempo, which is very good. Better that than to run a lot fast but go anaerobic.

I do wish I had paced it a bit better, but I didn't pace it horribly.

One puff of Foradil in the morning, but I don't think I used it well. 2 puffs of rescue inhaler before workout to be careful. No asthma during workout, though I was phlegmy.