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5:50 AM

11.1 mi


8:24 mi


113 lb
145 bpm
173 bpm


22 F
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Temp 22, DP 3. Fairly windy, though the wind was mostly blocked on the track.

Did a four mile tempo in 25:54, splitting as 6:38/6:33/6:25/6:18. Worked with Dan through 5K, then finished it on my own. Really happy with this - felt like I was working, but not overly so.

Made sure to get in a solid warm-up before hand, including a lot of hip stretching and four strides, and I think it helped a lot.

Breathing very good (Advair 250/50). Breakfast was hemp powder, rice, berry stroopwafel, and apple-flavored GU.

Wore light tights and medium weight longsleeve for workout, and felt it was the right clothing choice.

Did four hill sprints after.