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7:45 AM

15 mi


7:40 mi


108.2 lb
151 bpm
174 bpm


67 F
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Starting temp 66, DP 62; ending temp 74, DP 63. Wind of 7 MPH from north; pollen of 8.4

Parked on 33d at Water, and started run at 34th and M. Did loop of Key Bridge to MV trail to Roosevelt Bridge to Virginia Avenue, and then took Rock Creek up to Joyce Road and back to Thompsons, before doing a cooldown jog on the waterfront.

Felt tired at first - most likely from Friday's race. Very surprised at the paces for the second half, though I'm guessing part of that was the net downhill plus the tailwind. Should have pulled back on the very last segment from P to Thompson's, but otherwise this felt right on the appropriate effort.

Paced as first 4 at 8:45 pace; next 5 at 7:30; last 5 at 6:41, and then a cooldown.

Wore the Run Fast Pros - they held up pretty well, but did rub my left ankle. I'd like to use these as my marathon training shoe, but I need a better pair of socks.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and French toast GUs, and one cherry shot blok. Sat well. Took half a chocolate outrage GU at about mile 10.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar - breathing was good.