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5:50 AM

12.2 mi


8:16 mi


113 lb
153 bpm
178 bpm


78 F
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Temp 78, DP 76, bright sunshine. Mold high. Did the 25x400, stopping at 20.

George wasn't there, so I wasn't sure how to modify for the horrid weather. Ended up pacing these slower to start. The heat was getting to me, so about 3.5 miles in, I decided to call it at 20 reps rather than bury myself. The last few reps were really hard, and my recoveries were way too slow, so I think it was the right call. George agreed later, saying he had intended to pull people.

Averaged 1:38s for the 400s,

In retrospect, I should have also jogged the recovery slower - because of the heat, my HR wouldn't have dropped.

Parked a water bottle at the track, and grabbed it after the first 4 reps for the 100m recovery. Then hit it every 5 reps after, carrying it around the track. Also had my shoes come untied on rep 14 - had to pause briefly to fix that.

Did 4 hill sprints after.