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6:00 AM

13.6 mi


7:45 mi


115 lb
156 bpm
180 bpm


33 F
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WL pool


33 degrees and dry - awesome. Energetic warm-up worked once again (finished around 7:10 pace) -- I felt much better at the start (especially since I didn't wait around as much before the start as normal. Tempo was 4 miles in 25:45 (splits of 6:30, 6:30, 6:27, 6:18 - overall pace 6:29). I was a bit surprised at the speed, especially the last mile (where I once again tried to *really* relax and just cruise the final mile, and apparently picked up speed instead).

Did extended cool-down on Custis (way too long -- got lost in my thoughts --maybe I need to put a mileage alert on my Garmin)

Forgot my inhaler, so couldn't use it. I had a bit of chest tightness during the workout, and had a lot of trouble catching my breath after (plus post-workout track hack), but the workout itself still went pretty well -- since I never pushed really hard, I never had a full blown problem.