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5:45 AM

11 mi


8:26 mi


114 lb
150 bpm
177 bpm


68 F
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Temp and DP 68. 8K tempo on the track, working with Jess Chin (here for a visit - yay!), Kate H-W, Greg Richards. Pretty much everyone dropped off at 5K or 4 miles, so I soloed the last bit. Ran 33:48, split as 6:52, 6:49, 6:45, 6:45, 6:37. Dropped the pace pretty hard for the last 2 laps - I think the last lap was 91 seconds, going by George's splits - George told me I was straining a bit, so next time I'll be a bit gentler there.

Overall, tempo felt very good - very controlled and on the easier side of things. Physically, I could have gone 10K without struggling (mentally I would have gone crazy). Legs felt a bit heavy, but didn't get very tired during the workout.

One puff foradil in morning, one puff albuterol right before.