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7:05 AM

8.8 mi


8:40 mi


109.3 lb
160 bpm
181 bpm


59 F
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Temp 59, DP 54, not much wind, pollen of 11.2

Parked at Hains - did fartlek warm-up, and then two sets of 2x2 miles - the first in the Metaspeed Edge, and the second in the RC Elite 2. First set was 14:07 (7:08/6:59) and second set was 13:43 (6:54/6:49). Effort about the same in both, maybe a bit easier in RC Elite. About 15 minutes recovery between the two so that I could change shoes.

Then changed back into Metaspeed Edges to do some short faster stuff - a "300m" in 1:14 and a "200m" in 46. The Metaspeed Edge is definitely best as a 5K to mile shoe, and I may use it for that.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and berry GUs and dark chocolate. Stomach off, but has been off for some time.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar, plus two puffs of rescue - breathing a bit tight.

L/R balance was 48.8/51.2