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5:20 AM

16.8 mi


8:33 mi


115 lb
145 bpm
165 bpm


59 F
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Rain (heavy at times), some wind, 59 degrees. Felt surprisingly good. Kept very slow (first because chatting with Laurel, and then because being very careful about cars, and also fording various huge puddles.

Ran loop from Georgetown water fountain to intersection of 17th and Const, and then back up Rock Creek with Laurel.

After dropping her off, ran another loop down to mall and across to 3rd St. Then back to Lincoln, around West Potomac to 14th St bridge, then down to Gravelly point on MV trail before back up to Rosslyn.

I was COMPLETELY soaked (but had fun).

Split as 4.5 at 9:48, then 12 at 8:06 pace

Pretty long run, but that's fine -- I felt good, and the next 3 days are recovery.