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5:43 AM

11.1 mi


8:06 mi


105.5 lb
151 bpm
182 bpm


58 F
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Temp and DP 58, wind of 5 MPH from east, ragweed low, mold moderate.

Did 2x800, 1600, 2x800 in 2:59, 2:57, 5:58, 2:53, 2:49 - recoveries of 2:31-2:36 after the 800s, and 5:04 after the 1600.

Worked with Jillian and Alex at the front, with a big pack of Matteo, David K, Maddie, Thomas, Damien, and some others behind us, plus Carolyn for the first 4 reps. Recoveries were a bit long due to track congestion and taking a while to get the group together. I don't care too much since I'm tapering.

I was pleasantly surprised by how this went, since my legs are definitely still a bit tired. Didn't feel terribly sharp or swift, but still ran fast without working too hard - that's a good sign, I think.

Breathing was very good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar - no need for rescue.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores, vanilla, and gingerade GUs, and half a coconut stroopwafel. Sat well.u