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5:52 AM

11.9 mi


8:43 mi


109.4 lb
152 bpm
181 bpm


57 F
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Temp and DP 57, gusty wind from west as front blew in. Did 2000, then 4x800, working with/trailing Romain, Jamie D., Rachel, Sarah, Kate W, David M, and new girl Shannon. Ran 7:47, and then 3:02, 2:58, 3:00, 2:57.

Definitely still feeling the Houston Half, and the humid weather and wind took a toll also. My plan was to be careful, but even so this was still hard.

Breathing was good despite the humidity - Advair 250/50 and one puff of Qvar. Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, nude and smores GUs, and a coconut stroopwafel - sat well.

Both hammies a bit tight during warm-up and cooldown, and right hammie a bit nervy. Everything felt fine during strides and the workout, though.