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7:45 AM

7 mi


8:36 mi


107 lb
145 bpm


64 F
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Temp 64, DP 63 - wind of 10 MPH from east

Picked up Custis and took it to W&OD. Stopped at Bluemont to do drills and strides, and then did a mile pick-up from Bluemont Junction down W&OD. Then exited W&OD and ran around neighborhoods to get back on Lubber Run, which I took to Ballston before heading home.

Raining heavily at times; had to keep diverting due to running water over trails, especially on W&OD at Wilson and in Lubber Run. Did mile pick-up in 6:04 - shockingly fast, though the effort was honestly harder than 10M pace. Didn't feel like it was that hard, though, and max HR was only 172. Rest of the run was at 9:02 pace.

Ran with 910xt, not 920 because strap on 920 was broken.