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7:08 AM

15.6 mi


8:00 mi


115 lb
150 bpm
162 bpm


65 F
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Start at temp 65, DP 62; end at temp 73, DP 62. Ran out to Bethesda and back with large group, including Anna, Nora, George, Gustavo, Maria, Greg, Jamey and Jamie, and some others. When that was done, then picked it up at MM 8 and held marathon pace effort down to 34th and Water Street and back up to MM 8.

First 5 (uphill) at 8:54; second 5 at 8:07 (downhill); last 5 at 7:00, plus a final jog. Took me a while to warm-up into marathon pace, but was really surprised at how fast the last few miles were - 6:50-ish felt easy. Woo.

One puff Foradil in the morning; carried a water bottle and stopped twice on Cap Crescent at mile markers 3.5 and 6.5. Took a rocktane right before starting MP.

Stomach was pretty iffy and felt a bit off - I think was because I was a bit reckless with what I ate last night at BBQ. But run went OK anyway.