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5:55 AM

10.4 mi


8:50 mi


113 lb
145 bpm
178 bpm


46 F
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Temp 46, DP 41 - nice weather. Some wind, but not too bad. Did 6x800 - working with Chris and Elyse for first ones; soloing last two. Pacing was a bit all over the place at first - slow for the first 2, and then I overcorrected. After 3 George told me to pull back, so I did the next two in 3 flat each (he let me blast the last one). Splits were 3:07, 3:03, 2:57, 3:00, 3:00, 2:52.

Do need to do a longer warm-up - 2.5 miles ain't cutting it.

Legs felt surprisingly peppy for having done the long run two days before.

Mint Chocolate GU in the morning, plus brown rice and hemp powder. Breathing was OK but not perfect - Advair 100/50 and QVAR 80.