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7:10 AM

14.2 mi


7:54 mi


116 lb
162 bpm
191 bpm


72 F
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WL pool


Starting temp 72, dewpoint 67; ending temp 81, dewpoint 65. Conditions a bit bad (sunshine too) so kept it a bit easy. Took Pepto before

Ran out to Pierce Mill and back (shotblok at halfway point), using towpath on way out, Capital Crescent on way back. 7:54 average for 14 miles, with 2 water stops.

Averaged 8:26 on way out, 7:24 on way back (~7:30 for first 5.5, then split 3:41, 3:36, 3:28 for 3 half-mile splits on the Crescent trail, with hit 6:17 pace for the final quartermile kick). Felt very sluggish and stiff at first, but better on the back side.

Followed with drills and strides, and then injury prevention at the gym (including squats - 1x8-85, 1x8-105, 1x4-110.