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8:00 AM

17.1 mi


7:25 mi


114 lb
160 bpm


42 F
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42 degrees and sunny, with strong headwind from Northwest.

Ran from Georgetown down MV trail to Alexandria (where I searched for a Starbucks for water) and then back up. Did this as a 16 mile progression run plus 1 mile cooldown (don't see any point in running super hard up to and across the Key Bridge - too much congestion and too steep).

9:05 pace for first 1.5 miles, 7:49 pace for next 2 miles, 7:22 for next 7 miles, 6:52 pace for 5.5 miles (into headwind), and then last mile at 7:29 pace. Strong tailwind for first 8.5 miles, then headwind back. I'm pretty tickled with the pace of the final 5.5 -- I could have sworn this was more like 7:15 pace.

Gel+ water at Starbucks, and second gel at about the 13 mile mark.

Left hamstring a bit sore for first miles, and then fine.

Followed with injury prevention work, including 2x8 squats at 115, 125 (legs were tired, so didn't push); 3x10 good mornings at 95, and 4x5 single leg deadlifts at 15.

Stomach wasn't too bad, but needed 2 bathroom breaks.