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5:50 AM

10.8 mi


8:28 mi


117 lb
161 bpm
201 bpm


79 F
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Iwo Jima


Workout started at temp 79, dewpoint 70, but mercifully overcast. I had some overheating problems and mild breathing problems, but toughed it out (a quick water break after the third repeat helped). Averaged 7:21 for 6 repeats.

Pepto before hand (felt a bit nauseous at start, but might just be the humidity). My darn inhaler decided not to work, but I'm not sure that was too much of a factor.

My HR hit 201 (max) right about the time my breathing problems were at their worst -- interesting. Legs had plenty left in them; was just the overheating that did me in. Coach was pretty happy with the workout though, though he and I agreed that what I need to work on is NOT pushing the pace, but rather staying relaxed and mentally comfortable, keeping my upper body open and fluid.

Did quick squats and good mornings afterwards. Squats were 1x8 at 95, 1x8 at 105, 1x8 at 115, 1x4 at 120. Good mornings were 2x10 at 75.