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8:00 AM

6 mi


8:29 mi


115 lb
146 bpm
172 bpm


53 F
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Temp 53, DP 41. Ran down Glebe to Pershing to George Mason to Columbia Pike. Was going to start my fartlek when I hit W&OD, but realized after the first one that I hadn't started the programmed workout on my Garmin. So had to stop and reset watch before doing 4x90 seconds on, 60 off. I had also set the Garmin for 60 minutes recovery, not 60 seconds, so had to fix that also.

Did the Fartlek up the W&OD, then turned onto Bluemont Junction to jog home. Paces for the intervals seemed slower than perceived effort, but they were uphill. Did notice a strong wind from the east at the end of the run; not sure if I had a tailwind for the workout.

Confirmed that I don't like running fast in the Sayonaras.