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6:10 AM

11.1 mi


8:32 mi


109.6 lb
147 bpm
173 bpm


35 F
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Temp 36, DP 33. Did 7 hill reps on Iwo Jima solo, using tree after no parking sign for stop of up. Strides were to post, so longer than the norm.

My asthma's still flaring some - I could feel it in the final third of each repeat. But improving. Advair 250/50, rescue, and Qvar.

Tried to focus not on how fast I could do the rep, but instead how much I could lengthen my stride by powering from behind, rather than reaching. Also tried to slow my cadence, so that the speed was from power, not turnover. Downhill strides I focused on running relaxed but fast, and hitting the ground lightly. Tried to lift my arm carriage and my knees some.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and birthday cake GUs, and Berry Stroopwafel, plus some more cereal, which is probably why I had to go to the bathroom again mid workout.

Sub-2s are starting to feel a bit less bouncy.