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6:49 AM

9.8 mi


8:38 mi


107.3 lb
147 bpm
170 bpm


36 F
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Temp 36, DP 33, wind of 5 MPH from north.

From home, ran down Custis to MV trail over the TR bridge and then up VA Avenue to the Watrerfront. Stopped, and did a full set of drills, plus two flat strides, four 30 second hill strides up Potomac Street, and two shorter hill sprints up 33rd. Then took M to Key to the Custis, which I took home. I picked up the effort on the Custis to hard aerobic for the stretch between the Key Bridge Marriott and the Glebe Road exit. I didn't lap my watch when I picked up the effort, so the pace for the ~3 mile stretch up the Custis was almost certainly faster than the pace listed for that lap, since the lap included some easy running.

Felt good to pick up the effort.