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7:10 AM

20.1 mi


7:49 mi


108.7 lb
149 bpm
174 bpm


52 F
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Starting temp 53, DP 48; ending temp 65, DP 52. Really great weather.

Did an out and back on the W&OD from Bluemont (MM 3.5) with Chris Carney and Brent Barbee. Really good run with really good company. Kept it to 20 miles per George's guidance, since Brent and I have a half-marathon in 7 days.

Split it as the first 7 at 9:02, next 6 at 7:39, last 7 at 6:43. We had a downhill assist for the last 5, but still surprisingly fast.

Took 2 gels - Strawberry Banana on the way out, and Salted Caramel on the way in. Carried a handheld, but didn't need much water. Felt very good all the way to the end. Leg leg sciatica did get a bit angry about halfway through, but then settled.

Breathing was great - rescue inhaler right before Advair 250/50 in the morning.

Ate Chipotle the day before, plus Ucan for dinner. Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, chocolate stroopwafel, and Vanila and Ginger-Ade Gus. Sat well.