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7:03 AM

14.2 mi


7:35 mi


107.9 lb
156 bpm
177 bpm


72 F
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Starting temp/DP 71; ending temp/DP 76/73. Wind of 6 MPH from south-east; pollen of 7.8.

Did 14 progressive, split so that first 4 averaged 8:33; next 6 averaged 7:26; last 4 averaged 6:51. Ran with big group, including Carolyn, Eric, Juan, Rachel, David K, David M, Chris C, Jake T., and Jake E.

Very happy with how this felt for my first long run in a while. Felt easy - I guess that's the strength from the hills (a tailwind coming back from Hains didn't hurt). I did get a bit warm in the last mile, but otherwise the heat felt like a non-issue - amazing how much better I'm handling the heat now that I'm off the mesalamine.

Three stops - one for a bathroom early on, then two more for water on Hains Point (the first fountain was off). I wasn't crazy about stopping so much, but it was more important to make sure we had enough water.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and gingeraid and salted watermelon GUS.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar. Breathing very good except for the one bad patch on the Cap Crescent around mile marker 10.