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7:47 AM

21.1 mi


7:35 mi


107.7 lb
153 bpm
172 bpm


46 F
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Starting temp 46, DP 35; ending temp 53, DP 32. Strong wind from the west of 18-20 mph.

Met Chris Carney and Jenn at Jack's Boathouse, and did 21 progressive. We first ran to the Zoo, then back to Jack's before heading up and back on the Cap Crescent.

Felt good - was surprised how easy the uphill section on the Cap Crescent was. Downhill at MP was too fast to be a realistic MP, unless we also get a 20 MPH tailwind for CIM.

Split as first 7 at 8:39; next 7 at 7:32; last 7 at 6:36

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, Smores and Lemon Gus, and Berry Stroopwafel. Also had a Jet Blackberry GU and a Tutti Frutti Rocktane during the run. Chipotle the day before.

Wore the Sub-2s, which felt good. I felt my neuroma slightly towards the end of the run, but not awful. These will work for my marathon if it rains.