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7:31 AM

12 mi


7:59 mi


106.9 lb
155 bpm
170 bpm


54 F
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Temp 55, DP 54, light rain, wind of 8 MPH from SW.

Parked at Fletchers - did 3 out towards Georgetown and back on the Cap Crescent, and then met the group before going 9 out and back towards Bethesda. Ran the northbound part with a big group, including Damien, Alex D, and a bunch of people I didn't know.

Averaged 9:04 for first 4 miles, 7:27 for next 8.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, chocolate mint and birthday cake GUs - sat well, but throat slightly tight.

Breathing was Qvar, Breo. Slightly tight on way up to Bethesda - should have used inhaler.

No ankle braces - L/R balance at 47.5/52.5. Felt smoother on the downhill than I have previously.

Wore rain coat for first 3 miles; just sportsbra for rest.