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8:00 AM

16.8 mi


7:40 mi


117 lb
156 bpm


38 F
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Temp of 38. Ran with a big group out for about 7 miles down the MV trail, then paired off with Lauren, Emily, and Kayley for trip back, before adding on a bit more in Georgetown (down M St, up Rock Creek to cemetery just past Q, then back down and up Water Street. Felt very sluggish at first, but then much better as the run went on, and darn perky at end. Kept it on easy side since I raced yesterday, with slight progression at end. Definite breeze from northwest.

Slight progression - after very slow start (up stairs) did two miles at 8:25 pace, next four at 7:47, next eight at 7:27 pace, and final 1.5 at 6:58 pace. Took one gel at about 9 miles in.

Also did injury prevention work at gym, including squats (3x8 at 105, 115, 135), good mornings (3x10 at 95) and single leg deadlifts (2x5 at 10).