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5:52 AM

11.6 mi


8:07 mi


107.3 lb
153 bpm
181 bpm


59 F
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Temp 59, DP 49. Did an 8k tempo on the track with Brent. Worked with Chris C, Jenn, Rachel, Larry, and Bradford for the first 2-3 laps before we let them pull ahead since they were doing shorter tempos.

Ran 31:48, split as 6:27/6:25/6:23/6:22/6:11. Good and controlled and rhythmic - ran the last 800 in about 3:00 flat, I think. My left leg was locking up slightly due to sciatica - I need to do some more nerve flossing. Leg felt good post run.

Breathing was great - puffed rescue inhaler before advair 250/50. Also on Clarinex as my antihistamine.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, expresso and strawberry banana gels, and coconut stroopwafel - sat well.