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7:10 AM

17 mi


8:17 mi


106 lb
165 bpm
182 bpm


67 F
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Starting temp 67, DP 54; ending temp 78, DP 54. Wind from north at 9 mph. Pollen of 8.5. Bright sunshine.

Parked at the Tennis Center and did laps of Hains Point, including 2x5 at marathon pace/effort (HR got out of control).

First 5 in 37:47 (7:33 pace)

8:57 jog plus water stop.

Second 5 in 38:07 (7:37 pace) (includes brief stop 3 miles in)

Felt short of breath the whole time, with HR jacked up - not my best. The RC Elites also felt soft and energy sucking, though that could just be me.

L/R balance 48.1/51.9

Breakfast was rice, sunflower butter, mauten gel and espresso GU - sat well. Took half an espresso GU and half a lemonade GU during the run.

Carried water and had to refill multiple times.

Breathing was advair 250/50, Qvar, and 4 puffs of rescue - breathing tight the whole time.

Wore arm-coolers.

1mg Artane around 5 am.