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5:50 AM

11.6 mi


8:34 mi


112 lb
148 bpm
178 bpm


51 F
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Temp 52, DP 51, pollen of 8.2, no wind. Fantastic weather. Did 3200, 1600 in 13:13 (6:39/6:33) and 6:13. Rest of team added on an 800, so I cheered for them and then cooled down.

Had a rough breathing time during the 3200 - lungs grabbed up in the first 400. Used the rescue inhaler (3 puffs) right after, and 1600 was much better. I took two puffs of Dulera in the morning, but noticed that there was no bad taste and no jitters - almost like I didn't get anything. Looked later at the puffer, and it looks like the valve was clogged - that would explain why I didn't get anything. As of this evening, it seems to be working better.