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7:00 AM

13.9 mi


7:42 mi


117 lb
164 bpm
189 bpm


67 F
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Temps started at 67, ended at 72 - dewpoint of 58 (felt slightly higher, because we were in the trees? Trees kept it shady, though. We ran to Pierce Mill and back - I ran with Kate, Eugene, Will, Jessica, Amanda, and Courtney for the most part.

Decent run - averaged 7:42 overall - 8:08 on the way out, 7:17 on the way back (7:30 pace for the most, but dropped the last two miles to 6:56, 6:40, and then a final quarter mile at 6:00 pace. Took two water breaks (Pierce Mill, then Georgetown on the way back), and a shot blok at Pierce Mill.

Good run overall -- kept it easy in the middle part, so was able to flow home at the end. Followed up with drills+strides, and then injury prevention work at the gym.