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5:43 AM

12.1 mi


8:24 mi


106.3 lb
147 bpm
178 bpm


65 F
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Temp and DP 65, slight wind of 5 MPH from north, pollen of 7.1.

Ran 2x1600, 2x800 in 6:03, 5:54, 2:55, 2:50. Recoveries were 4:55, 5:05, and then 2:48 (track traffic).

Planned to keep these slightly conservative, and was happily surprised that I was still hanging with the pack fairly easily. The group was Tony, Alex, Rachel, Lindsey, Barrett, Sally, David K, David M, Juan, and Bradford.

I felt so good that it was tempting to stretch it out, but I decided to shut it down after the minimum of 3 miles - given how tired I felt just two days ago, I wanted to make sure I erred on the side of underdoing this one.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and vanilla and smores GUs - sat well.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar - breathing was very good.