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5:49 AM

10 mi


8:44 mi


114 lb
145 bpm
170 bpm


14 F
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Temp of 14, dew point -8; wind chill to -2.

The workout was supposed to be: 1600m, 800m recovery then 4-6x800 with 400m recovery. However, due to weather, it was modified to 1600m at slightly faster than tempo (think warm-up), recovery shortened to 400m, and then 4x800m ("I don't care about the pace, just get your heart rate up some") with 300m recovery (basically jog 200m and then cut across the infield). So basically, same distance, but slower speed and shorter recovery.

I worked with (or trailed) Rachel, Dan, Nora, Jenn, and Kate Walker. Splits were 6:18; 3:11; 3:09; 3:07, and 3:05. Felt horrible until the last two - I was just very stiff and couldn't move. I warmed up with 3 miles, then 4 strides+some drills, but still just really cold and stiff.

I usually handle cold better, but oh well. Did feel good at end.

One puff of dulera in the morning; two puffs of rescue inhaler pre-workout. Breathing not the limiter here - cold muscles.