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8:06 AM

14.9 mi


7:50 mi


109.7 lb
153 bpm
174 bpm


33 F
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Starting temp 33, DP 25, ending temp 36, DP 27. Gusty wind. Ran with Tisha, Yoon, and Laura for first bit and then with Bao after a bathroom break in Gtown. After the first 4 miles, I picked it up and ran solo the rest of the way.

Run was icy in places along the Capital Crescent going out, and on the bridges at Hains Point.

Took the Capital Crescent from Fletchers to Halns Point. My original plan was to turn at Buckeye drive, but I ended up following the Jingle All the Way course until it turned at Independence Avenue. By doing this, I never had to run against the race traffic or cross the race course, and I also didn't have to cover the inlet bridge going back.

Split as first 4 miles at 9:12, next 5 at 7:46, and next 5.5 at 6:54.

Breathing was good - a bit of VCD but lungs seemed fine. Advair 250/50 and one puff Qvar.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, half a Salted Watermelon GU, and a Smores GU plus a chocolate stroopwafel. Stomach a bit off - I think the rice was undercooked.

No water or gels on run - didn't need any.