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7:10 AM

20.9 mi


8:38 mi


112 lb
152 bpm
178 bpm


80 F
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Starting temp 80, Dp 78, ending temp 90, DP 73. Did the loop, running with Elyse, Kate H-W, Maria and Lance for first bit, then stayed with Romilio for the rest. Given the weather and yesterday's crash, I took this one really easy.

Two GUs (strawberry Kiwi Roctane and Cucumber Mine) plus a lot of margarita shot blocks. Hit pretty much every water stop for this one, and George met us 4 times.

First 9.5 miles at 9:12; next 7 at 8:33; last 4.5 at 7:40. Didn't intend to progress, but I started very very slowly, and then the downhill at the end sped stuff up. Should have ridden the brakes more at the end, but oh well.

8 water stops.

Breathing good during, but had to use inhaler later, after the pool - I think the 1-2 punch of the run plus high doses of chlorine set me off.

legs crampy after.