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7:00 AM

14.1 mi


7:36 mi


112 lb
159 bpm


67 F
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Start at 67, DP 64; end at temp 72, DP 65.

First 4 at 8:31; next 5 at 7:39; last 5 at 6:53 (oops). Ran out from Fletchers with a big group, including Jessicas C and R, Anna, Kate N, Jillian, Sarah, Joe, and Kevin. We turned at 7, and Jessica C, Sarah, and I picked it up with 5 to go. We ran the last 3 miles a bit too fast - I got uncomfortable, and picked up the pace too much just trying to get the run done. Oops. Need to fix that next time.

Took a gel at mile 8, and also tried taking another with 2 miles to go just for the practice. I actually dropped both my gels (didn't bother to pick up the second - just skipped it), so I need to practice that a lot more. Pollen was bad, so between that and the humidity, I needed to use the inhaler. Also had problems catching breath post run - stupid pollen.