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8:05 AM

14.3 mi


8:00 mi


109.8 lb
149 bpm
174 bpm


40 F
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Start at temp 40, DP 36; end at temp 46, DP 37. Out and back to Pierce Mill - ran with Jamie B and Chris C for most of it - good run, though I probably ran slightly too hard at the end.

Split as 8:56 for first 5 miles; 7:55 for next 5 miles; 6:51 for last 4. Also took a slight detour into the zoo bathrooms, which added some distance to the run.

Breakfast was hemp powder, rice, mint chocolate and strawberry GUs, and coconut stroopwafel. Sat well, through throat slightly irritated from the chocolate mint. Didn't take anything during run.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and one puff Qvar. Slightly tough at the beginning, most likely due to the chocolate mint GU causing a bit of VCD, but then improved. Good at end.

Hamstrings slightly tight after; especially right.