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5:49 AM

12 mi


8:16 mi


105.6 lb
151 bpm
181 bpm


55 F
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Temp and DP 52, negligible wind; pollen of 10.9.

Did 6x800 in 2:55, 2:55, 2:53, 2:53, 2:51, 2:49. Worked with big pack, including Barrett, Eric, Lindsay, Carolyn, Jenn, Jason H., Weston, David K., and some others, plus Sarah ahead of us for the first 4 reps. After that, most people stopped - it was just Weston, David, guest Thomas, and myself for #5, and just Thomas, David, and myself for #6.

Very happy with these - they were at the top end of the appropriate range of effort, but not too hard - never strained or tied up, and negative split each 800.

Felt like we were slow-jogging the recoveries, but they actually look pretty prompt.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and salted watermelon GUs - sat well.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50, Qvar, and two puffs of rescue as preventative due to pollen.

Got a solid warm-up in with 6 strides, and that really helped.