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7:10 AM

16.6 mi


8:16 mi


117 lb
161 bpm
184 bpm


72 F
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Started at 72 degrees, ended at 77 (dewpoint of 62 thoughout). Ran with Will for most part (Brandon joined at end) -- they turned off at Fletchers and I did the last 2 miles on my own. Two shot-bloks and two water stops.

Route was from Fletchers down and around Hains point, back past Lincoln, and then up the Capital Crescent (past Fletchers to mile marker 7 and back). Kept the run a bit low key, which was fine with me -- I wanted to make sure I was able to do the whole 16 miles comfortably, and pick up the pace once I passed Fletchers.

We started at about 9:00 pace for the first 3 miles, then picked up slightly to average 8:05 pace for the rest of the run. After Fletchers, I opened up slightly, doing 7:50 for the uphill climb, then 7:10 for the downhill, before kicking the final .2 at 6:10 pace.

HRM giving odd readings for first 3 miles, so I didn't record.

Did some drills post run.