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5:55 AM

11.2 mi


8:29 mi


110 lb
151 bpm
185 bpm


75 F
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Temp 75, DP 73. Did workout of 2x(1600, 800), working with, near, or trailing Jason, Bradford, Jamie, Chris C, Brent, Dan, and Lisa. I think Sarah and Emily and some others may have been in there as well - not sure, since all the recoveries got blended, so we had groups combined.

Track is under work, so we jogged on the infield, which made the recoveries shorter (good) but also awkward (bad). My peroneals were getting a bit achy, though they seem fine now. My warm-up was also abbreviated - only two strides, and not much in the way of drills. Workout still went OK, though.

Splits were 6:04, 2:54, 5:56, and 2:47. I was better this week about holding back and not going out with the group, and it helped here. Breathing also much better (still Advair 250/50).

Stomach was good - breakfast was rice, hemp powder, berry stroopwafel and ginger and lemonade GUs.