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8:09 AM

17.1 mi


7:32 mi


107.3 lb
161 bpm
176 bpm


34 F
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Starting temp 33, DP 22, ending temp 44, DP 29. Decent wind from the north (9 MPH). Did 2x5 at MP-ish, with one mile recovery. Parked at the Tennis center and did them on Hains Point, adding a bit around the tidal basin on the warm-up and cooldown. Spits were:

Set 1: 33:56 (6:51/6:47/6:45/6:47/6:46 - average pace 6:47)

Set 2: 33:34 (6:44/6:45/6:46/6:44/6:35 - average pace 6:43)

Felt good for the most part - legs got a little tired at the end of the second rep, but that's not surprising. Felt like I didn't have to stop after either rep.

Wind was significant fr the north. I ran counter clockwise so that I was sheltered from the worst of it. Over-corrected a bit for the wind in the last mile of the second rep, and thus ran too fast.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, Smores and Strawberry Banana GUs, and berry stroopwafel. Sat well. Took half a salted caramel GU between reps, also sipped on my water bottle.

Breathing was totally fine - advair 250/50 and Qvar (2 puffs).

Still hate the Adios 3s.