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7:00 AM

16.5 mi


7:35 mi


114 lb


48 F
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Starting temp 48, DP 35, end at temp 50, DP 36. Great great weather.

DId the 4-3-2-1 workout - headed out on the towpath, swapping to Water Street in Georgetown.

Started the 4 at Thompson's and headed around Hains Point. Jogged a bit less than a mile up the east side of Hains Point (plus a stop to tie shoes) and then did the 3 on the trail around the outside of Hains Point to stay out of the way of the race. About 1.5 miles in, that path became impassable with really slick mud, so I jumped up to the main road.

Finished the 3 near the TJ memorial, and jogged a mile (plus quick bathroom break, then did the 2 from West Potomac Park to the start of the Cap Crescent, and the 1 on the Cap Crescent. I finished up near Fletchers, and did another half mile to cooldown.,

Splits were:

4 miles in 27:52 (7:05/6:57/6:55/6:55)

3 miles in 20:45 (6:57/6:56/6:52)

2 miles in 13:51 (6:56/6:55)

1 mile in 6:42

Averaged 6:55 for 10 miles; 16.5 miles at average 7:36 pace.

One puff Dulera in morning. No breathing issues at all.